Internal Workshop on wilderness definition and its protection in Central and Eastern Europe countries 2017

Last few years, wilderness (natural processes protection) has been widely discussed topic in the European nature conservation sector. Some countries have their own strategy to define and select appropriate areas, some are still at the beginning of the process. Despite recommended definition of wilderness released by the European Commission, the approach is visibly not unified in our region. In addition, wilderness has also become a political issue that should be therefore treated carefully. It is caused by an underestimation of this management approach by some experts on the one hand, and its overestimation by another group on the other hand.
Goal: We invite selected experts from the CEE and selected neighbouring countries in Central and Eastern Europe to share information about their country experiences and approaches. The aim is not to develop a common strategy, but “only” to share information and thus to allow participants to learn lessons from other countries. The expected results are:
1) Set of country presentations shared among participants and later via EUROPARC website with our members;
2) Direct discussion among experts;
3) Food for thought for future development of the topic in participating countries.

This workshop was organized by the EUROPARC Federation - Central and Eastern Europe section (CEE) in cooperation with the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas. 

Date: 28th February – 1th March 2017

Venue: Prague – Průhonice

All talks are available on-line: